Club Officers 2014-2015

President - Kevin Baker

Vice Presidents -Cis Farndale, Janet Wilkinson

Chair Person - James Baker

His job is to run the club as the team leader,co-coordinate all activities and see to any problems in the club. If there is a problem, then he will resolve it taking appropriate action. In some cases pitching it to the Advisory and Present.

Vice Chair Person - Nick Wright

His job in the club is to take action of the Chair Person when they are Absent.

Secretary - Emma Roberts

Her job is to take and read minutes of the business meetings. Also deals with correspondence and social events for the club.

Assistant Secretary - Madi Farrow

Her job will be to cover the role of secretary when they are absent. Assistant Secretary deals with the club t-shirts, hoodie and Christmas meal pre orders.

Treasurer - Phil Swall

His job is to take care of the club accounts and memberships for our Club.

Assistant Treasurer - Emily Shaw

Her job is to assistance the treasurer every way possible with the accounts

Publication Secretary - Martin Farrow

His Job is to keep updating the Website, Facebook and Twitter. Also to take pictures at meeting so everyone can see our clubs activities. He also updates The Darlington and Stockton Times in the YFC Reports.

Programme Secretary - Martin Farrow

His Job is to manage to Programme to make shore that there is a balance of meetings and has to produce three Programmes per year.

Competitions Secretary - Mathew Cooke

His job is to keep record of the competition and results throughout the year.

Club Committee members -

Helen Wilkinson

Ben Webster

Laura Hallett

Fiona Baker

Imogen Hill

They support all the officers and contributes to the clubs decisions.

Club Leaders -

Anne Baker

Sarah Jessop

Geoff Rowntree

Howard Wilkinson

Advisory Committee -

Sally Farrow

Pat Greaves

Joanne Jones

Michael Laverick

Doug Rudd

Alison Wilkinson

Paul Laverick

Ruth Swall

Angela Shaw

These people are voted by the club to support the advise members.

Management Committee -

Chair person



Club Leaders

Cledales Committee Representatives -

Phil Swall

James Baker

Emma Roberts

Deputies -

Nick Wright

Emily Shaw

Yorkshire Executive Committee Representatives -

James Baker

Emma Roberts

Deputy -

Helen Wilkinson

Yorkshire AGM Representatives -

Phil Swall

Nick Wright

Independent Examiner-

Kathleen Clarke

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